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July 2018

What We Do

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What We Do

Community Development

Interpal’s community development projects prioritise the long-term development of Palestinian society in the occupied territories and refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon. Interpal helps to build lasting resilience among Palestinians by focusing on increasing economic independence, the quality of local housing and infrastructure, freedom of movement, access to housing and psychological well-being.

Approximately 51% of those living in the Occupied Territories are under the age of 18. Source.UNRWA 2012

The continuing siege and occupation make education more difficult for young Palestinians. Children must cope with poverty, huge classroom sizes, violence and a lack of resources whilst studying. In Lebanon and Jordan, poorly funded schools and a lack of opportunities outside the camps are taking their toll on the motivation of refugee children. Such stresses and obstacles hinder aspirations and achievement, meaning that many children are unable to reach their full potential, whilst others miss out on the normalising effect and psychosocial benefits of attending school.

Interpal’s Education Aid Fund provides for projects that respond to the needs on the ground. Alongside our long-running programmes we respond to new circumstances and are committed to protecting the right to education for all Palestinians.

Interpal Community Development


Improving the lives of destitute Palestinian girls – Lazarus Home for Girls

We have supported the construction of a special home for destitute and orphan girls in the West Bank. Located just outside of Jerusalem, the home has provided a safe place for vulnerable Palestinian girls. The location of the home is close to an Israeli settlement and is in a poor and deprived area cut off from Jerusalem due to the Separation Wall. The home supports 76 girls and fulltime staff who look after them, providing them with stability, encouragement in education and above all, love and care.


Palestine Trauma Centre


From occupation to siege to the daily violence they face, trauma and stress are commonplace for those in Palestine. The majority of children in Gaza are suffering from high levels of ongoing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders. Repeated trauma means that very few children can recover from the physical and psychological symptoms.

After the bombardment of Gaza in 2008/2009 which left thousands psychologically scarred, the Palestine Trauma Centre was set up to provide emergency and long-term trauma therapy. This essential service ensures that children and their families are given the tools to deal with trauma through various therapeutic techniques. The centre also has an Emergency Rapid Response Team (ERRT) to go out into the field during times of conflict. Serving over 30,000 people, the value of the centre cannot be stressed too much, and Interpal is supporting the centre with essential running costs, as well as having provided funding for psychosocial programmes and a computer lab.

During the July 2014 attacks in Gaza, psychologists and volunteers from the Centre worked tirelessly to provide children and their families with essential psycho-social support. The UN estimated that about 370,000 children require urgent psychosocial support.


Our Community Development funds also


– The Dignity Housing project: reconstruction and repair of hundreds of homes.

– Supporting local municipalities with equipment to serve hundreds of thousands of local residents.

– Planting trees in Gaza and supporting the Palestinian farming heritage.

Construction of 3 water desalination plants, which serve over 100,000 people

– Supporting livelihoods for over 60 families.

– Supporting cultural and religious institutions through maintenance and generators.

– Providing fuel for hospitals and public institutions in the Gaza Strip.

– Supporting local farms/Palestinian farmers via our Yaffa brand produce sold in the UK (E-store) and preserving the Palestinian farming heritage

– Purchasing of charitable farmland to develop into long-term agricultural aid projects

– Aiding construction and programme support for community centres in Gaza, the West Bank and Jordan and aiding thousands of orphans, widows and disadvantaged people.

– Livelihood Support for Persons with Disabilities and their families in the West Bank.

– NGO support programme in Gaza – aiding local civil society

Support the future of Palestine

by donating towards our Community Development projects