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May 2019

What We Do

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What We Do


Interpal’s Education programmes support the right to education for all Palestinians by providing thousands of disadvantaged children and students with the means and resources to help them achieve their full potential.

Approximately 51% of those living in the Occupied Territories are under the age of 18. Source.UNRWA 2012

The continuing siege and occupation make education more difficult for young Palestinians. Children must cope with poverty, huge classroom sizes, violence and a lack of resources whilst studying. In Lebanon and Jordan, poorly funded schools and a lack of opportunities outside the camps are taking their toll on the motivation of refugee children. Such stresses and obstacles hinder aspirations and achievement, meaning that many children are unable to reach their full potential, whilst others miss out on the normalising effect and psychosocial benefits of attending school.

Interpal’s Education Aid Fund provides for projects that respond to the needs on the ground. Alongside our long-running programmes we respond to new circumstances and are committed to protecting the right to education for all Palestinians.

Supporting Children with Special Needs

Nour Al Marifa School


Nour Al Marifa School  – Children with special needs

Nour El Marifa is the only school of its kind in Gaza and caters for 250 children with special educational needs. Interpal has worked with the school since 2005 and we continue to ensure that its invaluable work continues. The school charges only nominal fees from the students but provides tailor-made education, special needs therapy and other types of support for children often traumatised by violence or poverty.

We have provided the school with a generator to cope with the frequent power cuts across Gaza, and new classrooms have been built. Many of the students are also recipients of our school kits and uniforms programme and we have funded psychosocial support for them in the aftermath of violence. The school also offers speech and audiology therapy; to ensure that more children across the area benefit, we have funded the construction of a separate clinic which supports up to 600 children per month.


Aiding Higher Education

“I want to say thank you for supporting me. Without your help, I would not finish my studies and I could not support my family. It has made such a huge difference… it is one less worry and it gives me the opportunity to improve my life.”To all donors who supported her, Samar said

Interpal Aiding Higher Education

Samar is a Palestinian refugee living in Jordan with her family. Her father is unemployed and Samar’s brother supported the family but recently lost his job. The family live in hardship and poverty, and despite being a high achieving student, Samar was unable to complete her nursing degree. We supported Samar with her university fees, to ensure her years of hard work were not wasted and she could complete her studies. Her diligence and ambition mean that she will work hard and be able to support her family, whilst also working in a career that will benefit society.

Supporting Children with Disabilities

in Lebano


Children with disabilities

The Nabil Badran Centre in Lebanon offers an invaluable service in an area with over 60,000 Palestinian refugees. The centre supports 17 regular students with disabilities, providing education and recreation. This helps to break the isolation and lack of opportunities refugee children with disabilities often face. The impact of the centre on the lives of these children is incredible. We have supported the centre through the provision of a generator so that its staff can continue to teach during the frequent power cuts and the sponsored students attending. We have also provided the centre with essential running costs for the academic year of 2013-2014, ensuring its capacity to continue its work.


Our Education fund also


– Provides almost 8,000 disadvantaged children with school kits and uniforms annually to prepare them for the new academic year.

– Supports over 1,000 students per year with their university fees and to obtain their graduation certificates.

– Works with educational institutions to provide generators, water tanks and other supplies and resources. We have recently supported the Islamic University of Gaza with scientific equipment and a generator.

– Provides other universities in Gaza with equipment that will benefit hundreds of students and faculty members.

– Funded buses, toys and outdoor playground equipment for schools and education centres in refugee camps in Lebanon, Jordan and the West Bank, benefiting hundreds of children and their families.

– Funded computer labs for schools and education centres in Jordan and the West Bank, benefitting over 2,500 young people and the local community.

– Provided a computer lab for the Education Forum in Gaza to aid university students in their study and skills training. The Forum supports over 400 students.

– Focused on supporting special needs education projects such as a speech therapy clinic in Gaza, which will help over 600 children a month and employs 6 staff members.

– Funded the setting up and running costs for special needs and specialist vocational centres in Lebanon.

– Funded annual school fees for Palestinian and Syrian refugee children in south Lebanon.

Support the future of Palestine

by donating towards our Education Aid projects