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What We Do


Interpal's Sponsorship Programme supports over 10,000 Palestinian children across Gaza, the West Bank, Jordan and Lebanon every year.






About our Sponsorship Programme

The One-to-one Sponsorship Programme is Interpal’s largest on-going humanitarian project.

We support over 8000 Palestinian needy, orphaned and disabled children via the one to one programme, as well as hundreds more through our General Children’s Fund.

Our work aims to address immediate needs, psychological needs and provide moral support to some of the most vulnerable in Palestinian society.

Our sponsorship programme has a positive impact on the lives of the children and families by providing an essential regular financial lifeline.

With the funds provided, a family can buy medicines, clothes or books and enhance the quality of life for their children. Supporting a child benefits the entire family and the wider Palestinian society and in line with our commitment to multidimensional aid we include sponsored children in other projects such as fun days, health events and education programmes.

Shared Experiences

The one-to-one link between the sponsor and the child means that they don’t remain strangers for long. So many of our sponsors express their immense pleasure at being able to help a vulnerable child, and receive comfort and joy from the exchange of letters and photographs. This direct sponsorship helps build ties and understanding, as well as allowing people to exchange well wishes.


Sponsorship Donation Form

1: Print & Fill Form
2: Return to Interpal, P.O.Box 53389, London, NW10 6WT

Upon completion of the process, you will receive a sponsorship confirmation letter together with child summary details and a photograph of your sponsored child.

CASE STUDIES – Maraseel from Gaza

Maraseel from Gaza

It is hard to image what life is like for little Maraseel, a nine year old Palestinian girl living in Gaza. Maraseel experienced extreme loss and trauma from a young age after her father passed away. After her father’s death, her mother and seven siblings were left with no income to support themselves and therefore had no means to survive. Maraseel’s mother now has to completely rely on charity donations in order to feed and clothe her children.

The tinplate house Maraseel lives in has no basic furniture. There are no beds to sleep on, and no cooker for their mother to provide her children with nutritious food. During the winter, the rain leaks in to their house and the family know they are particularly vulnerable when airstrikes happen. The fear this must instil in Maraseel is unimaginable, particularly during the recent bombardments in Gaza by the Israeli military.

Despite this, Maraseel’s innate resilience shines through. She has the hope to one day become a doctor, and she works tirelessly at school to achieve this aim. Maraseel recently became a beneficiary of Interpal’s sponsorship programme. Take a look at this letter to her sponsor:

“In the name of Allah Al Salam Alikum Wa Rahmatu Allah.

 My dear sponsor, may Allah bless him. Al Hamdu lAllah Rab Al Alameen. Firstly, how are you and your family? I sincerely thank you for your continuous sponsorship and what you have done for us. With it I could meet the basic needs of food, drink and clothing and draw a smile on my face.

 And as for me I am fine and healthy. I hope my letter finds you in the best of health. As for your sponsorship it arrives in time, I wish you continue to help us. May Allah bless you and reward you in heavens for this.

 Wa Salam Alikum Wa Rahmatu Allah

 Your sincere child, Maraseel”Maraseel

CASE STUDIES – Abdul Rahman from Gaza

Abdul Rahman from Gaza

Abdul Rahman is a a bright young student with a love for mathematics. For many Palestinian children, food shortages, general insecurity and extreme levels of poverty severely restrict children’s fundamental right to securely pursue an education. In Abdul Rahman’s case, our staff at the Gaza Office described his home in the following way:

 “his home had no doors, no ceiling, no windows, no bathroom. Nothing but sand ground with lots of small pieces of worn out carpets”

But this doesn’t stop Abdul Rahman from doing his homework. In one corner of his home, next to an old prayer mat, you will see his study area filled with books. When we asked him what his hopes for the future were he said:

 “I wish to be older soon in order to work and buy my dad the fruits he needs and give money to mum to help her prepare the house how she likes. I wish to help my other two brothers and my little sister to get a high education. I wish to light over all my family’s own burden”.

Abdul Rahman is a beneficiary of our one-to-one child sponsorship programme. Our child sponsorship programme aims to provide essential aid, as well as psychological and moral support and ensure the most vulnerable are not left alone to cope with poverty and disadvantage. The gifts of education or clean sanitation and healthcare are invaluable and with the help of our donors, we aim to ensure Palestinian children can access these.

1. How much does it cost to sponsor a child or family?

Sponsorship of a child starts at a minimum of £25 a month (this is as little as 83p a day) and £75 for a family (three siblings). Many donors choose to give more per month as a regular monetary gift given the dire situation for the majority of Palestinians.

2. May I choose the child I sponsor?

In order to be fair to the children, the most needy child is allocated first. However, you may choose the category of child you would like to sponsor. The programme includes the following categories from which you may choose:

Orphans: These are defined as children who suffer from the absence of paternal care and support due to the death of their father.

Needy: These are defined as children suffering from severe poverty due to the inability of their parents to provide for their basic needs. The difficulty may arise from disability or ill health, unemployment, displacement or the acute difficulties and restrictions faced by many Palestinian people. These children are a priority for Interpal as their entire family is in extreme hardship. The category also includes:

–     Students: Youth who are 16 or above and still seeking education (university, college, etc…) and their family are unable to support them.

–     Children with special needs: disabled or injured children whose difficulties are further exacerbated by poverty and disadvantage.

3. What will my £25 provide to the child?

It will provide for the essential needs of the child which can include milk, food, clothes or medicines.

4. How can I make a payment?

You can make payments through cash or cheques, either into your bank account or in person at our branches. You can also use online banking facilities or set up a standing order.

5. Does my sponsorship benefit the family?

Your sponsorship does benefit the family. Your sponsorship is an essential financial lifeline which is often the only regular income a family may receive.

6. Will I get a progress report for the child and how often?

Interpal endeavours to provide you with a progress report on a regular basis and can arrange for a report should you request it. Information provided includes a detailed study compiled by social and field workers about the current situation of the child and his/her family describing any changes or developments in their financial, health and social situations.

7. How long can I sponsor a child for?

You can sponsor a child for however long you choose. According to Islamic teachings, Interpal aims to guarantee sponsorship to children until they attain ‘maturity’, however, many donors continue to sponsor their children through higher education or into young adulthood dude to their dire circumstances and growing needs.

8. Can I sponsor the child for a few months?

The one-to-one sponsorship programmes requires a minimum commitment of 6 months. However, if you are unable to commit to this and dependent on your circumstances, you can donate to our General Children’s Fund which is used for projects supporting children and unsponsored beneficiaries.

9. Can I correspond with the child?

Yes. You are welcome to send letters and photographs and Interpal will endeavour to forward these to your sponsored child. Many children often respond with letters and photographs of their own.

10. Can I give extra money for the child?

Yes. Many sponsors choose to give more than the stated monthly amount or provide irregular monetary gifts for the child. This extra income is used for education purposes, toys or other needs.

Gift payments for Ramadan and Eid Al Adha should be made in advance to ensure the child receives it on time.

11. Are there any administrative costs taken from the donation?

None is taken. It is Interpal’s policy not to deduct administration costs from any specified donation. Some of our donors make a separate contribution for this to help us manage the programme efficiently and effectively. Your donation in its entirety is used for the benefit of the children (90% directly and 10% on association services).

12. How can I cancel my sponsorship if I need to?

You can contact the Interpal office to cancel your sponsorship or if you have a standing order you will need to cancel your standing order via the bank. Please inform Interpal of this, so we can ensure we find our sponsored child a new sponsor and remove you as a listed sponsor.

If you feel that you cannot commit to regular sponsorship payments or the minimum monthly sponsorship of £25, but would still like to contribute towards improving the lives of Palestinian children, then you can donate to the General Children’s Fund.

You are able donate to the General Children’s Fund as and when you can. You can even set up a monthly standing order for any amount you can afford. Your donations will go towards projects that support children and unsponsored beneficiaries.